An Advent Moment

A Christmas Bauble with Christ and christian words on it

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the period that starts four Sundays before Christmas. In the church calendar the first day of advent marks the start of the Church year. It is a time to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ coming at Christmas and to look forward to his coming again. It is a time of hope, waiting and yearning.

Unfortunately for us in the Southern Hemisphere this clashes with the ending of the school and work year and general summer holiday preparation. Amidst the flurry and overwhelm that we experience at this time of year it can be difficult to engage with Advent. The idea of contemplation, of waiting, of spiritual preparation to celebrate Christmas seems impossible, something from the olden days when life was slower, simpler.

A busy shopping mall decorated for Christmas

Perhaps it makes it even more important, to prioritise making some quiet moments of waiting on and for God. Maybe that is just what we need to get through the pressure of end of year shows, work parties, prize givings and other encouragements to overconsumption. Isn’t it in the business when our thoughts are most scattered and we are at our most stretched – isn’t that when we most need a small advent each day.

Mary holding Baby jesus

I need one Advent moment each day
in that moment I breathe
in that moment I say Hi God,
I am here
I wait for you
I am here
in the not yet.

See me God
Existing in the not yet of oppressive systems,
See me God
Living in the not yet of struggling creation,
See me God
Persisting in the not yet of unanswered prayers.

I am here
in this moment
I wait for liberation
I wait for restoration
I wait for Immanuel.

I pray come Jesus,
be with me in each Advent moment.



Christina Baird lives in Auckland, NZ and nurtures creative wisdom by providing coaching, professional supervision and by blogging  at bread and pomegranates


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