A Prayer for Churches

Recently I have had the pleasure and honour of talking to church leaders from around New Zealand.  This is a prayer I wrote for all our churches as we struggle to find a way forward that contexualises and shares God’s love for all well.

Holy Spirit,
Blow on us all like a rushing wind,
Carry us into the future
Keep us growing
With your timely wisdom.

a dandelion seed head being blown away by the wind
Photo by Michael Schwarzenberger via Pixabay



Holy Spirit,
Cover us all like a soft blanket,
Heal us of our hurts
Keep us growing
With your deep comfort.

a cream knitted blanket
Photo by Victoria Bilsborough via Unsplash


Holy Spirit,
Rest on us all like a bright flame,
Light the way forward
Keep us growing
With your passionate fire.

a warming bonfire
Photo by Mark Tegethoff via Unsplash


Holy Spirit,
Fill us all with your gifts of grace,
Send us towards others
Keep us growing
With your prophetic call

a bird feeding on an outstretched hand



Christina Baird lives in Auckland, NZ and nurtures creative wisdom by providing coaching, professional supervision and by blogging  at bread and pomegranates

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